Food Service & Hospitality

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Bringing fresh insight to restaurant owners and other food/beverage operations since 2008.

Let's address your issues and create some realistic solutions.

Restaurants, Bars, Hotels & Events

We observe, analyze and make recommendations that change your bottom line.  There are two basic modes of approach.

  • “External” is when you invite us to any number of unannounced and anonymous visits after which we share our observations and opinions.  It is like having your own private critic or mystery shopper but with a deeper approach and/or specific intention.  This is the approach we use when you think there may be a hole in your ship, but you haven’t found it yet!
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  • “Internal” is when we meet with the owners privately and confidentially discuss all relevant information. With the bottom line in mind, key issues and ideas are addressed through careful analysis of the overall operations and finances.  This is the approach we use when you already know there are some holes in your ship, and you realize that you need help to keep it from sinking!
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Architects, Designers and Contractors

We create valuable workflow efficiency diagrams and effective implementation plans for food and beverage service outlets.  An efficient layout and a user-friendly workflow is an important factor of success in this industry.  It helps retain top shelf employees, build a loyal client base and ensure smooth operational activity. Owners, Architects, Designers and Event Planners use this service to ensure the perfect balance between functionality and design.