Food Service & Hospitality

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Bringing objective insight to restaurant and business owners since 2008.

Now more than ever, the rate and efficiency of operational adaptations determine the difference between businesses thriving or merely surviving.


We observe, analyze and make recommendations that help your bottom line.  We offer food and beverage outlets two basic deliverables as well as customized approaches to unique situations.

  • “External” is when you invite us to any number of unannounced and anonymous visits after which we share our observations and opinions.  It happens like a secret mystery shopper, but the report has deeper insight with an eye out for specific issues. This is good for when it seems like your ship might be sinking, but you have yet to find the leak!
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  • “Internal” is when we meet with the owners to confidentially discuss all relevant information openly in a private setting. With the your bottom line in mind, key issues and ideas are discussed and addressed following adquate analysis of the overall operations and finances.  This is what to do when you already found some holes in your ship, and you are ready to get serious about patching them up!
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Unbiased Insight for Property Owners, Architects, Designers and Contractors

We offer exceptional vision that brings refreshing clarity to many types of projects. From making insightful recommendations during layout and design meetings, to sharpening up the numbers in a business plan, or producing critical analysis that helps justify specific actions, getting us involved pays off quickly.

For example: A well-planned layout with a user-friendly workflow is one of the most important factors of success in any business, especially food service. It helps ensure smooth and efficient operations, which helps retain top shelf management and employees, which is of course key to building a loyal client base. We work with owners to develop diagrams that help communicate functional priorities to architects, designers and contractors specifically to help keep design on balance with functionality.