How it Works

The Process is Simple

Introduction ~ Research ~ Agreement ~ Relationship
  • It begins by getting to know each other.
  • If you seem like someone we can help, we sign a statement of intent and confidentiality together.
  • Then we learn about your situation by asking questions and listening.
  • We consider what we have learned, ponder the outcomes, and offer you a contractual agreement to receive our advice and assistance.
  • If you like it, you sign, and then your path to a better balance sheet begins!

The Product is Yours

We Deliver Based on Your Specific Needs
  • Thorough oral and/or written reports of recommendations and opinions.
  • Customized documents to address specific situations with descriptions, calculations and illustrations.
  • On-site meetings, and personalized assistance.
  • Continuous support by phone, e-mail, FaceTime, Skype® or regular visits.
  • Access to your own private page on this website, with all of your latest documents, notes and links.

The Price is Negotiable

Compensation Depends Upon What Will Work
  • Often times we receive a series of small payments in exchange for a few meetings, and a series of insightful  recommendations that really help the bottom line.
  • For larger projects, compensation can be based on a percentage of the positive change in your bottom line over a given period.
  • We offer monthly, quarterly or annual payment plans in exchange for our commitment to continuous or on-going projects.
  • Our services can also be paid for by the unit (i.e. phone calls, letters, emails, square footage, customers, etc.)
  • We have a convenient payment system for squaring up online or through the mail

Download Statement of Intent and Confidentiality